Introducing the Coaches: Meet the Men that Graduated in the Class of 2020

02.11.2021 - By Discovering Truth with Dan Duval

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This week on Discovering Truth we begin a new series about the coaches that have graduated from the DID Mentorship Program. You will get to see the graduates of the 2020 Class and learn how these wonderful champions are taking up God’s agenda like never before. This time, we’re introducing you all to Alex, Michael, Joseph, Kyle and Andrew!

About our Coaches:

BRIDE Ministries has become known around the world as a ministry for deep inner-healing and deliverance. The coaches have all undergone a year-long intensive into the heart of inner healing and deliverance ministry, overseen by Dan Duval.

At BRIDE Ministries, we offer strategic assistance for your inner-healing and deliverance needs. All of the coaches with BRIDE volunteer to provide free coaching for those that cannot afford it but, for your convenience, they can also be booked from their profile pages. All of our coaches operate independent coaching businesses.

More from the Coaches

You can find a coach at or learn more by visiting the BRIDE Ministries’ Ministry Page, stay tuned in for part two of Meet the Coaches with the women!

You can also learn more about Alex’s testimony by watching his three-part podcast:

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