Jennifer Jacobs shares tips and tricks for at-home workouts, improving recovery, and getting results

06.03.2020 - By WHOOP Podcast

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Jennifer Jacobs is one of the world's most recognizable personal trainers. She is the founder of J Method Fitness, spent 3 years as an instructor for Peloton, and has been training people virtually for more than a decade. She discusses how she got into the digital space (2:09), the keys to leading a successful workout (5:06), her training philosophy (6:37), why home is the optimal place to workout (11:22), how boxing is a great workout (14:26), her approach to nutrition (16:54), why she's against counting macronutrients (19:51), the buy-in needed to reach your fitness goals (21:50), how COVID-19 has changed her motherhood experience and how she gets her kids to get moving indoors (27:33), the importance of mental health (29:26), and her recovery tips and tricks (31:50).  Support the show (

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