Josh Hasn't Seen The Sopranos

By Jarod Backens

What's Josh Hasn't Seen The Sopranos about?

With the recent oversaturation of critically acclaimed TV, are younger generations forgetting The Sopranos? Three millennials -- Jarod Backens, Drew Madden, and Josh Fink (who has never seen the show!) -- unpack each episode to determine if The Sopranos should still be considered the best show of all time. This millennial’s love letter is the perfect companion as you watch or re-watch the series.

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Episode 13: A Mother Larger...


"I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano." The season finale! Jarod, Drew, and Josh dive into the last episode of the season that changed TV forever. They ponder if Tony's real family or mob family are more important to the story. Is ...

Josh Hasn't Seen The Sopranos episodes: