JP's Retro Game Night

By JP's Retro Game Night

What's JP's Retro Game Night about?

Inspired by the Retro Game Night Competitions we’ve put on in the past, JP's Retro Game Night is starting a PODCAST! Join JP, Jon, Greg, and Golds as we use our 75 years of combined gaming experience to wade through tons of retro games, from the quintessential greats to the ones we fished out of the garbage, literally! Each month we will try really hard to take an objective look at a few games and talk about our misadventures in attempting to play them. We love old games, and where would the amazing gaming industry be without them?

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29 - Deceptive Dealings


This month we look at glitches (not cheat codes, or debugging) that we exploited to get the upper hand. Oh, and JP can't say Tecmo.

JP's Retro Game Night episodes: