Episode 4-475 – Kayla – Plant-based Coach

03.28.2022 - By RunRunLive 5.0 - Running Podcast

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The RunRunLive 4.0 Podcast Episode 4-475 – Kayla – Plant-based Coach  (Audio: link) audio:http://www.RunRunLive.com/PodcastEpisodes/epi4475.mp3] Link MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks - Chris’ other show à Intro: Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4475 of the RunRunLive podcast. Here we are.  Back at it again. Today we talk with Kayla who is a coach and specializes in a plant-based methodology for her athletes.  We had a good chat  and I think we can always learn from coaches, that’s why I talk o them a lot.  Coaches have the advantage of experience.  Not only their own direct knowledge and experience, but the leverage of the experience of everyone they coach.  Because when you teach, you also learn. It’s been a long couple weeks since we talked.  My new role at work has been weighting me down.  It’s hard to switch gears to being a creative form being mentally engaged at work. Even though, as you’ll hear in today’s show, I haven’t been running at all I still struggle to find time to do everything I’ve signed myself up for.  But we keep moving.  Like the characters in my apocalypse story we find a way to survive.  In section one I’m going to talk about how you can handle getting injured close to a race.  In section two I’m going to talk about writing. I’ll move you into the episode with an interesting, to me, etymological side path.  It has to do with sheep.  I have been doing a lot of reading.  I usually read 2-3 books at a time.  This week I was reading two of these books and came across the same phrase in both of the books in the same day, so I figured I should look it up.  The word was “Woolgathering”.  You may know this as a phrase, but it’s a word.  You don’t, at least I don’t, hear it much in day-to-day usage, and when you do it’s a bit quaint.  It means ‘to be lost in thought.  It came into English in the 1500’s when modern English was being formed.  Here’s how it works.  England at the time was a big wool producer.  They had a lot of sheep.  When the sheep wandered around and rubbed up against things tufts of wool would get stuck.  So woolgathering was the process of sending someone, probably a kid, out to wander about collecting these bits of wool.  Not very profitable use of time.  There are a lot of wool-related phrases.  “Pulling the wool over someone’s eyes” is from the same time period.  It refers to the fact that judges wore wigs made of wool.  When a shyster tired to trick them it was like he was pulling their wig over their eyes so they could see. Or how about form the same time period “Dyed in the wool”? Yeah that’s when you put the die into the raw wool before it’s made into cloth.  It fixes the color better.  So when you’re ‘dyed in the wool’ it means you have fixed something in the beginning. The word ‘wool’ itself goes way back to the original Indo-European root word Hwol.  So there ya go.  A bit of etymological woolgathering. On with the show.   About Zero ZERO — The End of Prostate Cancer is the leading national nonprofit with the mission to end prostate cancer. ZERO advances research, improves the lives of men and families, and inspires action. Link to my ZERO page: (for Donations) … I’ll remind you that the RunRunLive podcast is ad free and listener supported.  What does that mean? It means you don’t have to listen to me trying to sound sincere about Stamps.com or Audible.. (although, fyi, my MarathonBQ book is on audible) We do have a membership option where you can become a member and as a special thank you, you will get access to member’s only audio. There are book reviews, odd philosophical thoughts, zombie stories and I curate old episodes for you to listen to.  I recently added that guy who cut off is foot so he could keep training and my first call with Geoff Galloway.   “Curated” means I add some introductory comments and edit them up a bit.  So anyhow – become a member so I can keep paying my bills.   … The RunRunLive podcast is Ad Free and listener supported.  … Section one – Skipped Voices of reason – the conversation Kayla Slater – Plant-based Dietitian Kayla Slater is a plant-based registered dietitian nutrition and running coach from Upstate NY. Kayla has been plant-based for the past five years and running for over 10 years. She has completed numerous 5K’s-half marathons and 4 full marathons. She first become exposed to the plant-based lifestyle in college and will never look back. At first, it was for health and now continues to do it for animals and the environment. Kayla is very passionate about living a whole food plant-based lifestyle while also being active. Kayla has been a Registered Dietitian for the past 5 years working in clinical and community nutrition as well as working with people virtually 1:1. She is a Certified Dietitian Nutrition Coach and holds a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from E-Cornell as well as a RRCA Certified Run Coach and personal training certification from ACE-Fitness. In 2018, Kayla started her own online business to help plant-based endurance athletes. As a young athlete, she suffered from disordered eating habits then later in life, struggled to fuel and eat enough as a plant-based marathoner. But she knew it was possible as Rich Roll told us how it was possible, and Scott Jurek shared how it even could give you an advantage. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states that a vegetarian and vegan diet for athletes is possible, but it must be properly planned. Kayla realized that others without a background in nutrition may be struggling even more and have a harder time figuring out how to eat plant based for health or as an ethic vegan and still run or be active. With Kayla’s passion for plant-based nutrition and running, Plant Based Performance Nutrition and Run Coaching, LLC was born. Currently, she provides virtual personalized and group support for recreational and intermediate endurance athletes who want to fuel on plants for their health, the environment, and animals, while gaining the plant-based performance advantage. You can connect with her on Instagram, join her Facebook community, or visit her web site to book a consultation. Social Media Links: All Links: Website: Linkedin: FB: IG: FB Group: Youtube: Tik tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@plantbasedperformancerd?lang=en Apple Podcast:    Section two –Varmint -   Outro Ok my friends that’s episode 4-475 of the RunRunLive Podcast.   I’ve had to stop running completely for a couple weeks.  Even with the run-walk method my knee is just too sore to do it.  It’s hard.  Running fills so many of the holes in my life that it really takes a chunk of me away when I can’t do it.  There’s the physical and physiological part.  Running gives me happiness and health.  It keeps me physically fit and mobile.  It keeps me from gaining weight.  It keeps me from filling that time with other bad habits.  It’s my healthy lifestyle enabler.  So without it I feel like I’m in a constant state of decline into decrepitude.  Not running has psychological impact.  I don’t get that alone time in the trails or on the road with my cerebellum bathed in happy chemicals to think.   This puts me on my back foot psychologically during the day.  I don’t get that badly needed relief valve.  Then there is the loss of community.  I can’t go for a 5-mile run with my buddies.  I can’t have those great conversations we have.  It’s all very isolating.  I have not been back to the doctor for the knee but it feels like the same thing.  This injury manifested over a year ago now as I was doing hill repeats one morning, or afternoon.  I don’t think the hill repeats were the cause.  I think I did something the previous summer because I had been having odd, sharp pains when I kneeled for a few months.  And that’s how it is.  When you get injured you tend to think in terms of time frames.  Muscles take a couple weeks to heal.  Fascia takes weeks to months to heal.  This is something new, some sort of bone thing, which according to my entirely made up timeframe should have been getting better in 9 months or so. That’s when I started the run-walk training to see if I couldn’t use active recovery to build strength actively around the healing.  But, as is sometimes the case, our injuries ignore our time frame rules.  I probably should have stayed off it. So, now I am staying off it.  We’ll see what strategy we can use to stay in shape and get some of the physiological and psychological benefits in different places.  I still plan to go the Cincinnati and hang out with my friends, probably limp through the Flying Pig.  But it’s not what I want.   It’s not what I need.  … When I got to the parking garage at the airport this morning I got a bit turned around and ended up not following the signs that were pointing me up towards the roof.  I hate parking on the roof at the airport.  Your car gets covered with jet fuel scum and if it snows you end up having to clear it by hand.  I didn’t follow the signs.  I turned off into the first floor and there was a parking space right in front of the exit door.  I’m not one of those people who circles parking lots looking for the perfect space.  And I usually follow the signs because they are there for a reason.  But, in some cases not following the signs gives you a better result.  Just like sometimes not following the sings of an injury give you better results.  Other times it does not.  We all make our own way in this world and it’s up to you which signs to pay attention to and which ones not to. Keep the faith and I’ll see you out there. And I’ll see you out there. MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks - Rachel -> Coach Jeff ->

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