09.18.2020 - By Machine Learning Street Talk (MLST)

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Today Yannic Lightspeed Kilcher and I spoke with Alex Stenlake about Kernel Methods. What is a kernel? Do you remember those weird kernel things which everyone obsessed about before deep learning? What about Representer theorem and reproducible kernel hilbert spaces? SVMs and kernel ridge regression? Remember them?! Hope you enjoy the conversation!

00:00:00 Tim Intro
00:01:35 Yannic clever insight from this discussion 
00:03:25 Street talk and Alex intro 
00:05:06 How kernels are taught
00:09:20 Computational tractability
00:10:32 Maths 
00:11:50 What is a kernel? 
00:19:39 Kernel latent expansion 
00:23:57 Overfitting 
00:24:50 Hilbert spaces 
00:30:20 Compare to DL
00:31:18 Back to hilbert spaces
00:45:19 Computational tractability 2
00:52:23 Curse of dimensionality
00:55:01 RBF: infinite taylor series
00:57:20 Margin/SVM 
01:00:07 KRR/dual
01:03:26 Complexity compute kernels vs deep learning
01:05:03 Good for small problems? vs deep learning)
01:07:50 Whats special about the RBF kernel
01:11:06 Another DL comparison
01:14:01 Representer theorem
01:20:05 Relation to back prop
01:25:10 Connection with NLP/transformers
01:27:31 Where else kernels good
01:34:34 Deep learning vs dual kernel methods
01:33:29 Thoughts on AI
01:34:35 Outro

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