Ep. 6: Know Your Limitations

05.08.2020 - By Get Real or Die Trying with Amadon DellErba

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Amadon DellErba discusses knowing your limitations and boundaries. He recalls past times when he was forced to accept his own limitations through pain and suffering. 
Ambitious souls often push the boundaries ahead of appropriate timing. Amadon sees boundaries and limitations as weaknesses that can only be overcome through spiritual growth and teamwork. He discusses the importance of having trusted, spiritual elder and comrades who can help identify our strengths and weaknesses, as well as compensate for our short-comings and limitations. He also warns of the people in our lives who impose their own limitations on our growth and consciousness.
Ultimately, our potential is limitless through our unbound consciousness. This expands through meaningful communion with the Creator. True expansion of the mind and soul comes from spiritual growth. The only way to exceed our limitations and boundaries is through conscious growth and the development of virtuous habits.


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