Launching a turmeric-based alternative to coffee, Samantha & Elaine of Midas Cup

05.02.2017 - By The Product Startup: Product development for small business

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Samatha and Elaine are two women from Melbourne running a turmeric superfood blend business. Samatha is a Nutritionist and Food Scientist, while Elaine is a Fashion Stylist with an Advertising background.
The duo developed the blend, designed packaging, sourced materials, and have everything produced in Melbourne, Australia. They've had MANY hiccups along the way, it's been a long road, but an interesting one. Would they do it again? Not sure. Has it been worth it? So far, yes. They're learning so much, and that's invaluable.
The ladies were nominated for The Weekly Review's Startup Stars competition, of which they made the top 8 of 250 businesses. That was tremendously exciting and it's the small wins that keep them motivated.
In this episode, we learn about

* How Samatha and Elaine saw a need in the market  [1:56]
* Testing their product with their target market  [5:27]
* The marketing strategy for a product with so many applications and such a broad audience [10:28]
* Navigating the federal regulations around food products [11:25]
* Finding the right suppliers and co-packers for their product [14:30]
* Expanding into retail and e-commerce [23:34]
* Picking up PR exposure on a budget [27:18]

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