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Do you have relationship questions, dating questions, breakup questions, communication questions, therapy questions, or need to know how to handle a totally awkward family situation?  Today on the podcast we're talking about all of it: The entire show is devoted to you. Your life, your relationships, and your questions.  Specifically, we discussed: What if you're having an argument with your partner and need to take a break to calm down, but they keep pursuing you? How to handle it when you're married and have a crush on someone else? What if you have a crush on an EMPLOYEE? Are you dating and hearing, "I like you but just as friends" a lot? We're talking about what that might mean! What are some tips to handle a hard breakup or divorce when you coparent with your Ex and have to see your Ex? What should you do if your family members are fighting with each other and you keep getting dragged into it? Can you do couples therapy by video if you're in a long-distance relationship? Why might that be a good idea? How should you approach your partner if you think they would really benefit from individual therapy or couples counseling, but they won't go? And so. Much. More. Tune in! Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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