Life After Death w/ David Ditchfield

10.27.2020 - By THE ED MYLETT SHOW

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Is there life after death? This is life’s greatest question. I hope to give you hope in this interview and perhaps comfort that there is good news. This week on The Ed Mylett show, my next guest is the awe-inspiring David Ditchfield. Whether you are a person of faith, a person of science, or somewhere in between, every single one of us has wondered, “what will happen to me after I die?” David Ditchfield was tragically dragged under a speeding train which left him in a critical fight for his life. While doctors fought to save him, David had a vivid near-death-experience and a rare glimpse of what happens to us when our lives are coming to an end. In this interview, David describes his miraculous experience from start to finish in vivid details laying on a huge rock surrounded by beings (I believe angels ) as he gets a momentary glimpse at God. My favorite part of the story is that it leaves mystery and leaves room for anybody of faith to continue to believe what they hold to be true… That’s the beautiful part of this conversation As a Christian, it’s just reaffirmed many of the things that I believe to be true. Regardless of your religion, there is enough to let you know that there is a God and not enough to get so specific that it would violate any religious traditions. The only reason we get to hear this story is because David lived! He returned from the afterlife with unbelievable new talents, and a new perspective on his once, out-of-place life. David is living proof that although our bodies may be finite, our spirit is eternal. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this interview will move you to your core. You can’t afford to miss this soul-shaking interview!

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