Looking At The Enneagram Through A Spiritual Lens: Mark Eaton, Jackie Brewster, & Eve Annunziato

01.06.2022 - By Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

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You might have heard about the popular personality typing assessment called the Enneagram. What you might not know is that the Enneagram has many applications for Christians and has some of its early formation shaped by historical Christian thinkers. By looking at ourselves and those we care about in the context of the nine Enneagram types, we can understand ourselves and who God created us to be, so that we can in turn better understand others and have a more compassionate heart. For this episode, we’ll speak with several experts on the Enneagram who help us walk through the different personality types and share deep personal insights they found from utilizing the Enneagram in their relationships both at home and in their church community.    Links, Products, and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling Podcast Jesus Listens Jesus Calling Jesus Calling YouTube  Enneagram Relating to God through the Enneagram YouTube Series Jesus Calling Enneagram discussion guides Past interview: Shannon Bream Upcoming interview: Taylor Tippett   Mark Eaton Dr. Harv Powers Enneagram assessment Enneagram Two  Matthew chapter 7 www.eatonleadership.org   Jackie Brewster Eve Annunziato Jesus Calling app Jesus Calling for kids Hearing God Speak   Interview Quotes: “The Enneagram studies motives, it studies drivers, it studies what motivates a person. And if we know what motivates us, what drives us, what's the thing behind the thing, then we can be much more effective in our leadership.” - Mark Eaton “Enneagram twos tend to withdraw when we get into a little bit of conflict. We don't understand our own needs. We understand everybody else's, if you will, but we have trouble getting our own. So I can tend to withdraw for sometimes for two or three days before I understand what I'm feeling.” - Mark Eaton “Enneagram can help us. It's just a tool, but it can help us have much more intimate relationships with those who we say we love.” - Mark Eaton “The Enneagram helps me become the humble guy that I really want to be. When I'm facing my wife, I am aware, at least at some level, of the logs in my own eye and maybe, just maybe, I can help someone else with a splinter in their eye.” - Mark Eaton “I had never really looked at my life through the lens of the Enneagram. And so because of the tool that it is, it's allowed me to really slow down, process what's happening in my life, like take notice of patterns of behavior, ask myself where they're coming from. And it really has made a huge, huge difference and impact on the way that I function in my marriage with my children and in my business, with my friends, just really understanding what's happening on the inside of me and owning my own parts of my story.” - Jackie Brewster “I feel like through the work of the Enneagram, I'm accepting my own personality. And really, most importantly, I'm accepting other people's personalities that perhaps are different than mine. It's helped me view my life with compassion and empathy for others and even for myself.” - Eve Annunziato “I realize that there is no better or worse or best number and that our numbers aren't a problem to be solved. Our numbers are a beauty to be embraced, and that's helped me warmly welcome my own personality, my own vulnerability.” - Eve Annunziato “As we do recognize different parts of ourselves, [God] doesn't want us to try to fix them on our own. He wants us to bring them to Him and ask Him to be in it with us…I do love using the Enneagram as a tool, but the Bible as a transformation for our lives.” - Jackie Brewster ________________________ Enjoy watching these additional videos from Jesus Calling YouTube channel: Audio Playlist: https://bit.ly/2PrbuwH Video Playlist: https://bit.ly/2PsmEkJ What’s Good? Playlist: https://bit.ly/3i7VUlZ ________________________  Connect with Jesus Calling Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube Jesus Calling Website  

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