Marleen Seegers on Selling the Foreign Rights to Your Book

01.06.2021 - By Launch Your Book with Anna David

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Marleen Seegers is the co-founder of 2 Seas Agency, which sells the foreign rights of books by authors such as James Altucher. She's also the host of the Make Books Travel podcast. Her team pays regular visits to international book fairs such as those in Beijing, Turin, Guadalajara, Rio de Janeiro, Sharjah, New York, Leipzig and of course Frankfurt and London, combined with trips to major publishing cities including Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Munich and Berlin.   Jealous yet? Well, COVID put a damper in that publishing schedule. Yet Marleen has still managed to thrive—and educate the rest us about how the whole foreign rights think works, which countries like which books and whether or not it really means doing book readings on Greek islands.  Listen to the episode to find out more.    WANT TO BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH A BOOK? GRAB OUR CHEAT SHEET AT WWW.BUILDYOURBRANDWITHABOOK.COM.

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