Meditation Alchemy with Mama Bear

By Lauren Bear

What's Meditation Alchemy with Mama Bear about?

Rebel Meditation with Lauren Bear. Imperfect and unpolished guided meditations. I (Lauren) am an eccentric, wild, and witchy woman; I do things my own way. New at this whole recording thing, there will be a learning curve, but my unique sense of humor and questionable word choices will gradually emerge.

I've studied meditation for a really long time, including cool experiences in Thailand, and studying with a Tibetan Lama. I used to be a scientist, now I'm a woo-woo Goddess.

After a safari that included crazy-lux tent in the Okavango Delta, I keep trying to up the luxury in my weekend camping game. May I say, that I think the word glamping is super lame. I don't know, let's call it 'le camping' or something. I hope you dig these meditations.

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Magical Door


In this meditation we walk through a magical doorway, leaving stress and expectations behind. After taking a little time to feel safe and deeply accepted, we decide what we want to pick up and what we want to leave behind.

Meditation Alchemy with Mama Bear episodes: