363: Mental Health: EFT (Tapping)

04.25.2022 - By Wise Traditions

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Emotional Freedom Technique (known as EFT or tapping) is a simple, non-invasive healing technique that moves energy in the body. It has been used to great effect to relieve anxiety, PTSD, improve sports performance, and more. EFT practitioner Bev Nerenberg helps us understand what it is, how it works, and how to get started tapping. Bev has been tapping for decades now. She explains how it can help alleviate emotional and physical issues through a gentle tapping procedure, using the body’s meridian system. She tells the story of how she first came across EFT (what she calls "acupuncture without the needles") and how effective it was at helping her deal with anger and other issues. She even walks us through a step-by-step tapping tutorial. Visit Bev's website: wellnessatyourfingertips.com Register for our upcoming Wise Traditions conference. Check out our sponsors: Earth Runners, Women's Meditation Network, Optimal Carnivore Get our free Nutrition for Mental Health brochure

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