359: Mental Health: Overmedicated

03.28.2022 - By Wise Traditions

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A waitress takes meds for her insomnia. Then she can't get off of them. An Iraq war veteran suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and takes a variety of meds for over 12 years. A teenager with an eating disorder is prescribed anti-depressants that lead to hallucinations. Each of their stories was featured in the documentary "Medicating Normal." And, today, producer Wendy Ractliffe and Angie Peacock, a veteran who is now a mental health reform advocate, explain why they were involved in the making of the movie and what they think is an often-overlooked issue in mental health circles: how we are over-medicating those suffering with mental health conditions. They cover why so many meds are prescribed (and, yes, overprescribed). They discuss the fallout from side effects and when meds might absolutely be the right choice. They talk about what comes with tapering off from certain meds. And they offer recommendations for how to handle mental health issues differently. See the movie's website: medicatingnormal.com Check out upcoming events at westonaprice.org Visit our sponsors' websites: Redmond Real Salt, Women's Meditation Network, Optimal Carnivore

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