Mindful Pause: Guided Meditations

By Jeena Cho

What's Mindful Pause: Guided Meditations about?

Mindful Pause - Guided Meditation for Busy People with Jeena Cho.

Guided mindfulness meditations to help you cultivate a meditation practice to bring calm and clarity into your life.

Jeena Cho is a lawyer, writer, author, and meditation teacher. I teach mindfulness meditation to professionals. I'm currently working on my second book, The Anxious Lawyer (ABA). I offer one-on-one coaching to reduce stress/anxiety, support through career and life transitions, cultivating joy and happiness.

My website: http://theanxiouslawyer.com/

Questions? Comments? Email me: [email protected]

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Loneliness Meditation


Loneliness Meditation by Jeena Cho

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