Mini-Episode: You've Got 2 Be Sittin' Me Too

04.07.2020 - By Greater Boston

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Greater Boston is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason, with recording and technical support from Marck Harmon. 

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Content warnings at end of show notes.


This mini-episode features:Julia Propp as Louisa Alvarez (she/her)Lydia Anderson as Gemma-Linzer-Coolidge (she/her)and James Oliva as Michael Tate (he/him)

MusicCharlie on the MTA recorded by Emily Petersen and Dirk Tiede. On Questions of Discipline and the Naivete of Flowers (Act 1) by Lloyd Rogers.Trenchcoat Theme by Jeff Van Dreason.Greater Boston Trek theme by Eli McIlveen.


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Content Warnings: Discussion of death / near death experienceDiscussions of childcare / having children.

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