Miracles, Magic, Extraterrestrials w/ Matías De Stefano #360

05.04.2022 - By Aubrey Marcus Podcast

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This podcast with Matías De Stefano will deeply challenge your inner skeptic; A skeptic that is part of the immune system that protects consensus beliefs at large. If you’re up to open the confines of your mind and look beyond the default reality, this is the perfect conversation. We dive deep into magic, miracles, extraterrestrials and forgotten powers that lay dormant inside of all of us. Matías De Steafno, who claims to remember his past lives (and for what it’s worth I believe him), speaks on how the pyramids were built, the ability to control weather, channeling spirits, and as always, shares his experiences from past lives. He also sings two more beautiful remembered songs in the Atlantean language.
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YouTube | https://www.youtube.com/user/ghancaA

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