Mogul Motivation

By T.R.U.E Stories Media

What's Mogul Motivation about?

Manifesting Optimistic Goals Using Love. Mogul Motivation is a success brand interlaced with integrity. Antwan Taylor started T.R.U.E Stories Media in 2011. Since then he has evolved from a low-income, first-gen student into an award winning photographer and best selling author. Antwan brings his entrepreneurial zeal and astuteness in podcast form. He strives to bring out the passion in all of us, the passion that is inherent in our desire to make our imprint in this world. In each episode, Antwan gives a perspective that stems from his own experiences and research. His words are not merely for entrepreneurs. Anyone who seeks to be motivated, disciplined, and focus in whatever craft they choose to pursue will find his counsel beneficial to their journey. He draws from his faith, his friends, his family, and his fight to tell short allegories and anecdotes that bring perspective to our trials.

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Declaration Of Independence


Why do you continue to push forward when everything is against you? Why do you continue to hold on to hope? It's because you want independence for yourself, your family, and your community...that's why.

Mogul Motivation episodes: