Ep 238 Money Grit with Karen McCall

06.29.2021 - By Richer Soul

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Money Grit Karen McCall discussed her financial recovery and developing a healthy relationship with money.   Take away: We have to take care of our needs to really heal and to have a better life.   Action step: Take a piece of paper and draw a line in the middle. Write needs on one side and wants on the other side. Then go through every category of your life.   Money Learnings: Karen didn’t learn much from school and parents about money. Her guardians at the time she was still young never talked about money.    Bio: Karen McCall went from dodging IRS calls to helping thousands of people get out of debt and build a life and business they love. Karen is the founder of the Financial Recovery Institute and World Class Money Coach Training  and now, at age 77, she is the creator of the money management program MoneyGrit™.    Karen has spent the last 33years working with small business owners and she’s seen many struggle with self-employment. She has worked with hundreds of solopreneurs and small business owners to help them build lucrative, successful businesses that are not only profitable, but feed their soul.   Highlights from this episode: Link to episode page   Karen shared her life pivot on her financial situation What Karen did differently to have a better life Financial recovery and developing a healthy relationship with money Karen talks about what inspired her to write her book The two motivators: pain and pleasure Several reasons why people are going into debt Karen talks about the Debt Pyramid What it means to have a more purposeful and meaningful life Links:    https://www.financialrecovery.com/    Https://www.moneygrit.com  Social Profiles:   https://www.facebook.com/karen.mccall.77  https://www.instagram.com/financialrecoveryinstitute/   Richer Soul Life Beyond Money. You got rich, now what? Let’s talk about your journey to more a purposeful, intentional, amazing life. Where are you going to go and how are you going to get there? Let’s figure that out together. At the core is the financial well being to be able to do what you want, when you want, how you want. It’s about personal freedom!   Thanks for listening!   Show Sponsor: http://profitcomesfirst.com/   Schedule your free no obligation call: https://bookme.name/rockyl/lite/intro-appointment-15-minutes   If you like the show please leave a review on iTunes: http://bit.do/richersoul https://www.facebook.com/richersoul http://richersoul.com/ [email protected]   Some music provided by Junan from Junan Podcast   Any financial advice is for educational purposes only and you should consult with an expert for your specific needs.  

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