Mood Myths: How to heal overlooked causes of cravings, brain, mood & memory problems

12.18.2019 - By Less Stressed Life : Upleveling Life, Health & Happiness

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Feeling fatigued?    Is it because of that glass of wine you drank last night or is it something more serious?   In this podcast episode of the Less Stressed Life, the founder of Thriving Force, Dr. Sara DeFrancesco shares her experiences and realizations on How gluten sensitivity affects our brain health Our overall well-being and how it gets affected by cortisol and adrenals The effects of our thoughts on the neurotransmitters and hormones in our body Tips on how to put yourself in a parasympathetic "rest and heal" mode    Dr. Sara DeFrancesco is a holistic, root cause Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, and the founder of Thriving Force, an investigative medicine clinic that specializes in digestive, immune, and brain health problems. Dr. DeFrancesco helps people turn their brain and health back on by healing root cause metabolic problems (like overlooked inflammatory triggers, stealth infections, and nutritional deficiencies) combined with holistic neuroscience so you can heal the cause of what is preventing you from being well.    Using the synergy of holistic medicine, functional medicine testing, neuroscience, and mind-body medicine Dr. DeFrancesco partners with patients to heal digestive problems, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, brain fog, memory problems, and autoimmune-neurological conditions. This approach focuses on investigating and identifying the root cause of your health problems to remove obstacles to healing and correct imbalances, allowing dysfunctional systems to heal.   Datis Kharrazian Dr. Joe Dispenza   The 3 Step Strategy To Heal Digestive, Mood, & Memory Problems:   Website -     --- Personalized functional medicine with Christa Biegler:   Less Stressed Life Podcast:   Less Stressed Life Facebook Page:

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