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What's mosquitostoryslam about?

The Mosquito Story Slam is a live storytelling event and podcast in its 6th season on the Outer Cape in Massachusetts ...and beyond. Storytellers have 5 minutes to tell a true story based on the night’s theme. Mosquito stories are told, not read. No notes or cheat sheets on stage. Storytellers picked at random during the show.

The Mosquito’s mission is to engage a diverse audience in the art and craft of storytelling, while honoring and celebrating the commonality of human experiences. Since its launch in 2014, The Mosquito has presented hundreds of stories to sold-out audiences and is expanding access to a global audience through both audio and video podcasting on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Tell your friends, take a chance, and Bite it Live!

Produced by:
Vanessa Vartabedian and Caitlin Langstaff

Sound Engineered by:
J Hagenbuckle and Mark van Bork

Theme music by: J Hagenbuckle

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Home For The Holidays


Home for the Holidays was recorded in front of a live audience at Provincetown Theater on December 14, 2019.

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