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What's Mustang about?

For $125 you can get a wild horse from the Bureau of Land Management and try and train it. That’s what I did this spring. Bua’a (“friend” in Paiute) is a three-year-old mustang from the Beatys Butte wild herd of southeastern Oregon. Boo, as I call him, has a kind, curious eye but he doesn’t trust humans – so far, we’ve brought him mostly pain. No matter how you feel about them, mustangs are a powerful symbol of what it means to be American – and Western. To be “of” the open spaces and big sky country. To be survivors and roamers. Over the next 8 episodes, Boo and I will explore the complex human, cultural, economic and environmental issues that surround mustangs today – as we embark on our own journey of training and trust.

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Mustang episodes: