My Favourite Tip: Lisa Leong - How a colour-coded calendar can help you both on and off the clock

06.06.2022 - By How I Work

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You might not be surprised to find out Lisa Leong has a colour-coded calendar. She’s the host of hit ABC podcast This Working Life, after all. But what might surprise you is how her attention to diaristic detail helps her when she’s not at work.
Her ABC work is orange, and the sessions working on her new book were red. But she also blocks out her e-bike commutes and social activities. Why? 
For one thing, it ensures nobody schedules her into a meeting when she’s meant to be out for dinner. But perhaps more importantly, it means she has something like a birds-eye-view of her life, one week at a time. 
Too much orange and red? Not enough yellow and blue? At a glance, Lisa knows whether she’s overworking (or spending a bit too much time on the town!).
Lisa also gives you what she calls a “compassionate challenge,” and asks you to work if you might have more autonomy at work than you initially thought. 
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