New Release Self Help Book - $1 special offer - Maximum Mental Health

03.06.2015 - By The Fulfilling Happiness Edge – Entrepreneur, Small Business and Positive Psychology show with Aleks George Srbinoski

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This is part one of a brief introuduction about my just released book - Maximum Mental Health, based on a decade of clinical and research experience. 
It is both a whole life self-improvement book and an anxiety and depression treatment manual. How do I do both at the same time, you have to listen to the show and read the book. 
Today it is only $1 on Amazon. You don't need an Amazon reader to read it either, the app can be downloaded on any computer, tablet or phone.  
Link is: 
Get it now, because with each day over the next few days the price will rise. 
Whether you are a passionate self improvement enthusiast, or someone currently seeking strategies to overcome depression, anxiety or a related mental health condition, the 20 principles revealed will put you on a clear path to greater happiness and health. There has never been a greater need for this anxiety and depression self help manual. In most Western countries, up to 45% of people experience a mental illness condition, with 25% of those mood disorders being diagnosable in any one year. 25% of people will require depression help or anxiety management and relief. Over 50% of the population suffers from high stress. Over 50% of people are overweight. Over 50% of people will separate from their long-term partner. Don't be another statistic! Based on real-world results gained from a decade of clinical consulting and research experience, "Maximum Mental Health" outlines how you can overcome depression and anxiety and enhance every major area of life. With 3 free mindfulness meditation recordings to download as an additional bonus, now is the perfect time to maximize your mental health. Contents include: The Principles of Increasing Motivation Behavior is King: Revealing the Secret of Motivation Psychology Control Your Environment or It Will Control You: Be calmer, more creative and find peace the simple way Move to Find Your Groove: Develop self-confidence, exercise motivation and mental fitness by increasing movement Positive Focus: Learn the simplest and most effective positive thinking habit Mindful Acceptance: Overcome negative thinking through mindfulness training exercises for stress reduction and positive well being The Principles of Enhancing Mood and Living Well Pure Pleasures: Uncover the foundation of happiness and key activities to move away from depression A Real and Supportive Social Life: How to find new friends, increase chances of romance and reduce social anxiety and shyness Optimism Wins: Increase emotional intelligence with Positive Psychology’s biggest secret to life success New-You Nutrition: Lose weight fast, stop emotional eating and avoid the latest diets and weight loss scams by uncovering how to eat without obsession Deep Sound Sleep: Establish new sleep hygiene habits to maximize your rest and daily energy The Principles of Meaningful Living Expose Yourself to Overcome Fear and Anxiety: Exposure is the most scientifically proven method for curing fears, phobias, panic and generalized anxiety issues Cycles of Life: Understand what is required to successfully recover from grief, bereavement, trauma and loss Praise Pays: Successfully share the most essential human need and actively love yourself Gratitude: Gratitude and giving are necessary practices and invaluable antidotes to greed, doubt, entitlement and other human pitfalls Meaning: Find meaning in life and a strong purpose in order to increase happiness and reduce suffering The Principles of Life Mastery Authentic Achievement: Access the ultimate attitude and practice for superior mental health and creative accomplishment Easy Goal Setting and Accountability: This is the simplest and easiest goal setting process you will ever come across so you can stop procrastinating and start succeeding Valuable Living: Undertake simple values clarification in order to know how to consistently live your best life Peak Performance: Demonstrate positive discipline and high self-confidence by regularly triggering and intensifying the right emotion on command Sensational Self Image: Construct new beliefs and emotions to strengthen identity, enhance self esteem and build empowering belief systems Bonus: Principles of Magnetism Harmonious Relationships: Build positive and lasting relationships, communication and harmony Superior Social Skills: Unleash social confidence, increase leadership status, become more attractive and charm workplace bullying bosses

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