Observing Volcanoes: Dr. Andrew Calvert, Scientist-in-Charge of CalVO

06.10.2021 - By PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

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Today we have the great pleasure of interviewing Dr. Andrew Calvert, the Scientist-in-charge of the California Volcano Observatory.  In this conversation we cover a huge range of topics from Mount Shasta, to how magmas form and become more silica rich, the role of federal institutes like CalVo in volcano hazard prediction and monitoring, and some details about potassium-argon (K-Ar, as argon-argon, Ar-Ar) geochronology using noble gases in minerals! 

Dr. Calvert also gives and excellent description of how magnetometers are used to map lava flows on old volcanoes.  This is an incredible tool that helps drive a deeper understanding of the volumes and rates of past volcanic eruptions, which is very valuable information that is used to help forecast volcano behavior!  Dr. Calvert is an excellent science communicator and has a wide variety of experiences studying volcanoes as well as directing observation and hazard prediction efforts. Join us for an amazing conversation with Dr. Andrew Calvert!

Here is a link to Dr. Calvert's research profile, and a short bio: Education Ph.D., University of California – Santa Barbara                      Dissertation: Metamorphism and exhumation of mid-crustal gneiss domes in the Arctic Alaska Terrane   M.S./B.S., Stanford University (both degrees conferred June 1992) Thesis: Structural Evolution and Thermochronology of the Kigluaik Mountains, Seward Peninsula, Alaska

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