By Mandy Sham

Society & Culture

What's Octopus about?

Octopus is a podcast that follows the stories of eight exceptional artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, and innovators who continually enhance their craft and empower their communities. Each episode is a culmination of how they do what they do. It's also deeply about who they are.

Season One kicks off in the pulsating metropolis of Hong Kong: a perfumed and cigarette-stained symbiosis of new art, old heritage, and a reinvention of the two. Regardless of where they've been—be it the far reaches of Tanzania or the streets of Nepal—Hong Kong remains their central hearth. Here, they've found a dream that inexplicably belongs to all of them.

Octopus is produced, hosted, and written by Mandy Sham. Special thanks go to the Allan Slaight Radio Institute in Toronto, Canada.

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Octopus episodes: