Orthopedics This Week

Orthopedics This Week

By RRY Publications, LLC


What's Orthopedics This Week about?

We are the publishers of Orthopedics This Week, the most widely read publication in the Orthopedics industry. Orthopedics is, in our way of thinking, a small town with roughly 250,000 residents. These residents include clinicians, nurses, administrators, staff, suppliers, manufacturers, scientists, sales people, regulators, investors and consultants. So we think of ourselves as the community paper. We hope that our little paper, which we publish 40 times a year, will illuminate, elevate and educate you. Like small town publishers and writers everywhere, we are also part of this community and, for good or ill, that fact finds its way into our attitudes and commentaries. Yes, we are biased—in favor of you, our community. Roughly 3.3 times each month, Orthopedics This Week brings you the latest breaking orthopedic news. We also host innovative technology conferences and publish quarterly Market Forecasts and Analysis. Occasionally we also publish data and conference books. We are part of a unique, essential and endlessly fascinating industry. What a great place to be!

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