Outpost Zero Charlie - CHANG TERHUNE

Outpost Zero Charlie - CHANG TERHUNE

By Chang Terhune


What's Outpost Zero Charlie - CHANG TERHUNE about?

Podcast of my book TRIBAL MALFUNCTIONS, a cyberpunk novel set in 22nd century Boston. tribal Malfunctions is a story of treason, terrorism and the power of independent trucking! “All because of a god damn pair of shoes...” Aris is a regular guy with a regular life running an autohauler repiarshop servicing the big rigs that run freight across America in tunnels they call the Worm Way. He’s got a loving wife, two kids and a mother in law he’s okay with. But once upon a time he was FuturePop, of the Boston Heavyboys gang and a wanted man. Laying low for the last ten years he’s worked hard to put all the distance he can between him and his past. No one knows who he was or what he did and that’s the way he wants it. Then the MARICORP 4291 hauler shows up with a bad processor. Before he knows it his secret is about to be blown unless he can stop a plot to destroy the city and take over America.

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