Episode 162: Phillip Hartlege- Ally Lending- Moving More Patients Forward

11.01.2020 - By The Nifty Thrifty Dentists

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They can train your front office for verbiage, help with your marketing components, and finding ways to engage with patients who need treatment

They have a Pre-qualification process with a soft credit check to take away some initial anxiety

Their pricing includes an interest promo rate of 6 or 12 months for 6-8% typically; for larger cases, they have a max approval of up to $40k instantly

They aim to approve as many patients as possible, which will affect your bottom line

Because people don’t want to part with large amounts of money right now, you need to promote it as a first option rather than a last resort

Their interest rate is not retroactive after the promo period, it can always be paid off early, but the payments are installments that stay the same from start to finish

They have promotional materials as well as back-office tools and calculators that can be beneficial 

They responded to Covid in March by deferring payments and alleviating merchant fees because they are in a good financial situation and want to extend the peace of mind they have to others


Go to: http://lending.ally.com/enroll/DMI to sign up

Special offer: As we hit enrollment markers, your rates will get even better because the Nifty Group will be treated as a DSO.

You’ll need your license number and account information for deposits, then it will take a few days to set up. Everything from account management, reports, and training are all free. Your only costs are as transaction fees.


Website: https://lending.ally.com/enroll


Phone Number: 800.427.9184

Email: [email protected]

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