Podcast: Hajj and the Journey to the Divine

09.23.2015 - By Soul of Islam Radio

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Soul of Islam Radio: Hajj and the Journey to the Divine
The sacred pilgrimage of the Hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, as taught by the blessed Prophet Muhammad (saws), and is undeniably the greatest communal spiritual experience on earth.
The Hajj is of such importance that this holy journey is required of all able Muslims at least once in a lifetime. Many among the pious will perform this sacred rite, which encompasses and includes all of the Five Pillars of Islam, several times throughout their lives.
Just as each of the Five Pillars of Islam have both an outward component and an inward dimension, so too does the holy Hajj, which is the sacred journey to the First Sacred Mosque, the Holy Kaaba known as the “House of God.”
While the external dimension of the Hajj consists of journeying from one’s homeland to the holy city of Mecca to circumambulate around the Holy Kaaba, originally built by the great Prophet Abraham (as), the internal dimension of the Hajj is the spiritual journey from the self and ego-consciousness to the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.
In summary, the holy Hajj is the culmination of the Five Pillars of Islam, and includes all aspects of the faith.
Throughout the holy Hajj experience, one bears witness to the Oneness of the Almighty, and the thus necessary oneness of humanity and of all creation. Perhaps no other spiritual experience can communicate so effectively the equality of man as does the Hajj, in which millions of pilgrims circumambulate the Kaaba in a counterclockwise direction affirming that the center and axis of their lives is God-consciousness.
In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, we focus on the inner dimension of the Hajj experience and describe what may be known as the “Hajj of the Heart,” the migration and journey from the self and the temporal world of form to the Eternal and Absolute Presence of God.
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Experience the Hajj of the Heart
The great spiritual path of al-Islam is meant and designed to lead a human being from temporal existence and time-consciousness to true and eternal life in the Divine Presence of the Almighty.
Through learning to still land quiet the mind, you awaken heart-based consciousness. In deep internal spiritual surrender, you awaken your soul, transcend ego-consciousness, and arrive at the doorway to the Divine Presence of the Almighty.
Islamic Meditation is invaluable in perfecting one’s religion, moving beyond just form and ritual, and ultimately experiencing the Hajj of the Heart.
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