Podcasts into Avernus Episode #7: The Broadswords

09.20.2019 - By Dungeon Delve – An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

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The broadswords were simply lounging about and having a picnic, when a hollyphant suddenly appears and asks them to sign for cargo. When they do without reading the fine print, the crew are poofed into Ysgard. There, a steamer trunk comes hurling through a portal and almost falls off the edge of a floating landmass. The crew just manages to save it from going over…. And with that, they're off! The broadswords look to finally deliver this package, make their escape, and drive off into the Ysgardian sunset... thus concluding Podcasts into Avernus!

Podcasts into Avernus was organized by Victoria Rogers and Daniel Kwan, with help from a cross-section of creators in the podcast community. All of episodes tell one continuous story.

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