Powerful Mental Models for Product-Market Fit & Beyond (Andy Rachleff, Wealthfront)

09.05.2017 - By Traction: How Startups Start | NextView Ventures

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On the podcast today, NextView cofounder Rob Go sits down with Andy Rachleff, VC veteran and the president, CEO, and executive chairman of Wealthfront. They talk about how Andy came up with the term product-market fit, how he applied his own lessons (and updated them) in building Wealthfront, and the mental models founders can use to unlock their real unfair advantage in a tactics-obsessed world: how you think. Follow Andy on Twitter: http://twitter.com/arachleff  Follow Rob on Twitter: http://twitter.com/robgo  Subscribe to the newsletter, The Next View, to get 1 new link and 1 strong opinion on tech each week: http://nextviewvc.com/blog 

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