Reality Check: Work More, Work Harder (Throwback)

10.09.2020 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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A lot of you have been complaining of little to no playing time, lack of revenue, and how no one knows about you. You say it as if it should be different. Your challenge is to see the truth: you are not working nearly as hard enough to create the results you want. In this episode, I challenge you to take gonna different mindset and approach to WORK. Time Stamps: (1:22) You are competitors by nature (2:30) Do you have trouble reading books? (6:42) 10,000 hours (7:40) Today's reality check: PUT IN MORE WORK. (8:06) Why Drew Brees stood out from the rest. (11:28) How I stood out from the rest of my high-school teammates. (12:36) Do more work than everyone else. Create your own routines. (14:37) Specialized training (18:05) No more complaints! visit:

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