RED 262: Business (And Personal) Lessons From 2010 - 2019

01.11.2020 - By RED - The Marketing Podcast For Experts

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We're in a new year and now that the "new year, new you" propaganda has quieted down, it's time to get to work to make what's happening in 2020 better than what happened in 2019. More, bigger, louder, and faster... Unless that's not what you want. It's not necessarily what I want, so I decided to revisit the last 10 years to consider what I liked about them (and what I want more of) as well as what needs to change moving forward. In This Episode: Taking live calls on Blog Talk Radio Writing a great book No Doubt, Bush, and Sandi Patty When you become the person you hated when you were younger The double-edged sword of comfort What Steve Jobs knew about making a decision Your house is on fire...literally. You just got robbed...literally. How to impress a cop Being a professional mannequin Turning pro Ignoring "red flags" When your wife calls you on your BS... When your dog interrupts your podcast... Embracing your past and using it to help you move forward Links To Things I Talk About: Build A Big Podcast - The Marketing Podcast For Podcasters Big Podcast - The Book Help Your Expert Friends Reach More People... If you like RED Podcast, subscribe now and you'll never miss an episode. And if you really like RED, I'd appreciate you telling a friend (maybe even two).

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