By Michael Isikoff, Daniel Klaidman, Victoria Bassetti

What's Skullduggery about?

Underhandedness. Trickery. Unscrupulous behavior. Skullduggery breaks down the conduct of Washington's political class, tracks the latest in conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns coursing through social media — and who is pushing them — and keeps you up to date on the latest investigations into misbehavior by members of Congress as well as current and former government officials. Yahoo News’ veteran investigative journalists Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman break news, offer authoritative analysis on sensitive national security and law enforcement issues and draw intriguing historical parallels from decades of covering D.C. scandals. Come prepared to learn something every week. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Trump: The Divider in Chief...


Peter Baker and Susan Glasser discuss Trump's still puzzling relationship with a scary autocrat very much dominating the world stage, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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