187: State of the Podcast 2021: The Next Right Thing Turns 4!

08.10.2021 - By The Next Right Thing

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This month marks the 4 year anniversary of The Next Right Thing! Today I'll share the state of the podcast using a simple framework I follow for reflecting on everything - what's been life-giving and life-draining, what I'm grateful for, what questions I'm holding and what arrows I’m following.   In addition to sharing some of your favorite episodes, I’ll also pull out some key pivots over the last four years of hosting this podcast. I’ll do that because I know that you come from a variety of backgrounds, professions, interests, and hopes, I also know that you are probably making something of your own right now and you wonder if you’re doing it right, if it’s working, if it’s worth it, and if it’s time to make a change. Listen in.     Links + Resources From This Episode: Episode 01: Become a Soul Minimalist Episode 60: Start Before You're Ready Episode 35: Be Kind (with Candace Cameron Bure)  Episode 130: Do What Sounds Fun A Blessing for the New Year Episode 88: Come Away for Awhile Episode 120: What To Do When The World Shuts Down Episode 161: Change Your Mind Episode 11: Wear Better Pants Episode 65: Take Off Your Crown Episode 73: Design Your Rhythm of Work - Theme Days Episode 167: Spiritual Direction for Beginners Episode 103: Look For The Children: Mister Rogers and Decision Making Order The Next Right Thing Guided Journal Grab a copy of my book The Next Right Thing  Find me on Instagram @emilypfreeman Download Transcript

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