Steps and Tools for Emotional Intelligence

By Dr. Greg Hamlin

What's Steps and Tools for Emotional Intelligence about?

What is emotional intelligence? How does emotional intelligence make you a better lover, leader, parent, or friend? What is mindfulness? How do you negotiate a win-win agreement? What is the easiest way to calm your stress symptoms at work? How do you speak to a narcissist? What is anxiety? What are the symptoms of depression? Psychologist and coach Greg Hamlin takes up questions like these and more. He offers skills, tools, and steps for less stress, more emotional intelligence, more satisfying relationships, along with greater well-being.

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20: What is a Panic Attack?


More than 1 in 10 adults in the U.S. experiences a panic attack during any 12 month period. Dr. Greg Hamlin uses a simple illustration that helps explain panic attacks to those who have never had them. Panic attacks come ...

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