Summer of Violence at Justice Kavanaugh’s House | 6/9/22

06.09.2022 - By Pat Gray Unleashed

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Yesterday, a man was caught attempting to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh. CNN now tries to downplay the threat to Brett Kavanaugh and shift the blame to "right-wing extremists." Joe Biden trips climbing the stairs to Airforce One again. Incoherent Joe talks to Jimmy Kimmel about biracial marriages and electric vehicles. The House passes a gun bill that would increase the age required to purchase a rifle from 18 to 21. Another Clinton associate suicides themselves. Russian forces are upset that they have been provided soggy toilet paper to use in the field. A new study indicates that the Republican turnout in the midterm elections will be massive! The CDC strikes again. Now they want everyone to wear masks again to prevent a monkeypox outbreak. Another caravan is on its way, yet Beto O'Rourke thinks that the southern border is doing just fine. New Zealand is creating a task force that will investigate and combat domestic extremism.
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