By Dave Rasmussen


What's TactickTalk about?

TactickTalk is the only podcast that gets to the heart of routines.

Today’s fast-paced world has us all looking for simple, measurable, repeatable steps that will help our business, family, and personal lives run better, with less frustrating. wasted effort, and with more consistent, lasting results. TactickTalk gives you exactly that through Tactick™ and Organized Routines™.

In each episode, we talk about the many ways people are experiencing the power of Organized Routines™ in their business, family, and personal lives. Plus, we give you tactics you can implement immediately after listening to each podcast. It’s a highly actionable show that’s as engaging as it is valuable.

About Dave:

An avid routinizer, Dave Rasmussen is the Co-founder of Tactick™, the intuitive recurring tasks software built on Organized Routines™. A successful business owner, fitness enthusiast, and happily married father of three, Dave is passionate about helping people find simple, powerful ways to get — and stay — more organized, accountable, and successful in their business, family, and personal lives.

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