Tara Tremendous

By Wonkybot

What's Tara Tremendous about?

Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries is an adventure musical series for the whole family. Listen together as bubbly, inquisitive and head-strong Tara Callahan, who possesses the powers of every superhero in the world, learns how to become the most powerful hero on Earth! Along the way Tara uncovers major mysteries, stops super villains and learns the value of friendship, doing the right thing, and the importance of standing up for yourself. Tara also discovers that being a real hero starts with what’s in your heart. The episodic series is a full-cast adventure with dialogue, sound effects, instrumental score and original songs. The series inspires kids with engaging stories that focus on being positive, helpful to others, and believing in themselves even when facing a super villain like the evil Dr. Epic! Created by Stewart St. John, writer of ABC’s Sabrina: The Animated Series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Disney’s Seventeen Again, who is co-founder of Wonkybot Studios alongside producing partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta. The series is appropriate for kids of all ages and recommended for kids 8 and up.

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Ep 1: First Encounter


An accident on the Power University campus has terrifying consequences for Tara and raises concerns with Mrs. Biddelspach, the newly appointed chancellor of education within the High Council of the Extraordinaire. From creator and showrunner Stewart St John, produced by ...

Tara Tremendous episodes: