'Terminating a Presidency' | 7/11/22

07.11.2022 - By Pat Gray Unleashed

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Joe Biden tells a story even though he’s apparently told not to. Biden claims that the Roe v. Wade overturn means hospitals would hesitate to treat women who had miscarriages. He also talks about a 10-year-old rape victim story that may or may not be true. A new poll claims that Joe Biden’s approval rating could be as low as 29 points. Joe Biden misspoke and talked about "terminating a presidency." AOC criticizes Justice Kavanaugh in a tweet after he was harassed at dinner by abortion protesters. Kamala Harris sounds like she hasn’t actually read the Constitution of the United States as she talks about the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Even though it's 110 degrees in Texas right now, ERCOT wants us to turn our thermostats up. Today is 7/11! Time to get your free slushies! Some people are mailing their poop to U.S. senators. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoes a bill that would prohibit men from participating in women’s sports.
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