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By Martinus Evans

What's The 300 Pounds and Running Podcast Network about?

Hey YOU! The one at the back of the pack of runners. Think you’re “too fat” to run, “too slow” to run, “too ____(fill in the blank)” to run? Then the 300 Pounds and Running Podcast is for you! Whether you’ve just started or need a fire lit under your ass to get you off that couch, I’ll share my best advice, inspiring stories, and running and weight loss tips. Who am I? (Good question.) I’m Martinus Evans. I’m an RRCA run coach, author, and award-winning speaker. But more importantly I’m a big guy. Who runs. No…really. I’ve run 5k’s, 10k’s, half-marathons, and marathons! So I know your struggles. I know your hesitations. And I want to help you become a runner! So if you’re looking for a place to start your journey to better health, look no further. Let’s do this! Our show notes and additional information can be found at

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TLR 82: We're Back!!!


Welcome to another episode of The Long Run w/ Martinus & Latoya! This podcast serves as a place for friends to shoot the shit about running. Join the Slow AF Run Club: Support the movement: Get the Slow ...

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