The Bank On You Podcast

The Bank On You Podcast

By Jeremiah Brown

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What's The Bank On You Podcast about?

Welcome to the Bank On You Podcast! This series will challenge conventional financial wisdom given to the masses, and is sure to change how we think about building wealth. Jeremiah Brown explains exactly how it's possible for anyone to manage money successfully, even if they have never done it before.

The steps to become wealthy in America have been misunderstood for far too long. More often than not, we are taught that wealth is the by-product of hard work, diligent savings, and living below one's means. If that were truly the case, why is it that 50% of the population are considered financially inept, in a nation that is primarily driven by finance?

How is it that one in three people who've worked their entire lives, have nothing saved towards retirement? How is it that 40% of all student borrowers can't afford to make payments on their college loans?

Most of us recognize that something is terribly wrong within our economy and financial systems, yet we continue to obey the antiquated financial rhetoric spewed by the experts and media. But at what cost?

If you're going to participate in this game and wonder how you build more wealth, then the solution will be easier than what is normally given to the 99 percenters.

The Bank On You Podcast explores the financial advice kept from the masses and shares it with you in a way that is compelling and easy to comprehend.

The book includes:

- How to Pursue multiple streams of income

- How to aquire assets that pay you

- How not to lose money

- How to be your own boss

- The freedom to make your own schedule

Embrace your new financial awakening and begin to master the game of money.

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