#75. The Benefits of Manual Therapies for the Vocal Athlete with Walt Fritz

08.07.2022 - By A Voice and Beyond

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This week’s guest is Walt Fritz. As a voice teaching community, it is vital to keep an open mind to the various kinds of modalities that can be of assistance for a singer who may need help. This week’s guest is Walt Fritz, a licensed physical therapist who has taught Myofascial Release continuing education since 1995 and set up his training program, Foundations in Myofascial Release Seminars™. In 2020, Walt rebranded his work and launched Manual Therapies Seminars, a new training program that he continues to teach all types of therapists including massage therapists, speech-language pathologists, voice professionals, physical therapists, and occupational therapists internationally. Walt also runs a closed physical therapy practice in New York where he treats select patients, including singers. He believes that singers are vocal athletes, and he realised the benefits of applying manual therapies to singers, a modality that was and still is typically thought to be applicable exclusively for traditional sports athletes. Walt describes his approach as creating a therapeutic relationship with his patients, where he asks them to collaborate in a constant back and forth, seeking to elevate and empower them to be a true partner in the process of evaluation and decision making. This is a truly informative interview with Walt as he also shares how issues regarding postural alignment can be overplayed, the importance of meeting and accepting patients where they are at, how we must allow a person to be heard, and listen to them without judgement and as practitioners, it’s not about the approaches we use, it’s about offering compassion and empathy. There is so much more. You are going to love listening to this episode with Walt Fritz. Instagram: @waltfritzpt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/walt.fritz/ Website: www.WaltFritz.com In this episode
04:50 - Walt’s Training Background
09:19 - What is Myofascial Release?
12:42 - Benefits of an Iterative Approach
15:28 - Deficit as a Blessing
17:58 - Athletes Within Artists
22:02 - The Aid Which Physical Therapy Gives to Singers
26:15 - Diagnostics Preview
31:07 - Priors: A Concept in Psychotherapy
34:05 - Emboldened Patients with Therapist’s Selflessness
38:27 - Reimagining Yourself to Embrace Changes
41:51 - Significance of Proper Posture
48:09 - The Method of Patient-Centered Care
51:12 - Ensuring Mutual Learning is Possible and Judgements are Mitigated
56:05 - Defining Touch Base Intervention
1:02:45 - Greatest Lesson Learned About the Voice
1:03:47 - Piece of Advice for the Singing Voice Community

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