The Bobbynutrition Podcast

The Bobbynutrition Podcast

By Rob Hanaghan

What's The Bobbynutrition Podcast about?

Focusing on the mindset and "why" behind your negative relationship with food.As Owner and Head Coach of Bobbynutrition LTD, myself and the Bobbynutrition team coach our students towards a better understanding of themselves, instead of just handing over a calorie allowance.What you'll find with this podcast is that food may be discussed less than you anticipate.Why?Because food was never the problem.It's just what you found ... to help you cope.This podcast is about helping you understand why there is a need for a coping mechanism in the first place.Self-limiting beliefs, boundary setting, people-pleasing, constant stress, negative thought patterns, serving others before yourself.Just some examples of what you will be educated on with this podcast.Once you get closure on who you are, whether it be weight loss or not from there on in ... everything feels lighter.Helping you cut through, not just the BS in the diet industry, but your own BS as well.

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