The Broadswords: PoWD Ep. #4

09.13.2018 - By Dungeon Delve – An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

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Yllairies, Keilah, Mépris, Kenithar, Frond, and Roscoe are sent by the Temple of Chauntea to fetch a magical artifact from a friend of the temple. When they arrive at the designated location, it becomes clear that they weren't the first people to come knocking. The Broadswords are joined by special guests Ross Rockafellow of Dice for Brains, Adam Carnevale of D&D is for Nerds, and Chris Perkins of Dungeons & Dragons. For CC Attribution, please visit

Here's a brief recap of what's happened so far: Waterdeep is a city in turmoil with the crime organization run the Xanathar clashing with the Zhentarim, also known as the black network, all while searching for a huge hoard of gold dragon coins hidden in a vault somewhere in the city. The cast from Taking Initiative, played as individuals representing the Harpers, the Zhentarim, Laeral Silverhand the Open Lord of Waterdeep and Jarlaxle tracked down the Dealer and their representative, a character named Eclipse (short for Total Eclipse of the Heart). Eclipse informed them that there are three keys needed to open the Vault: A set of magical bagpipes, a star of Waterdeep and something called the Widowmaker. Some of factions in Waterdeep have better info than others…

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