The Carve: A Monster Hunter Podcast

By SuperEffective.FM

What's The Carve: A Monster Hunter Podcast about?

The Carve is a weekly Monster Hunter podcast with the goal of building a fantastic and friendly hunting community. This podcast will focus on news and stories from Monster Hunter: Double Cross and Monster Hunter: World. The Carve was created by SBJ, host/producer of It's Super Effective and Mythical. If you enjoyed the conversations, audio quality, and poor pronunciation on those podcasts, then you should enjoy this podcast too. The Carve is part of the SuperEffective.FM podcast network. #MHWorld

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Outlook: Taking A Break


We go in-depth on how to earn and get those pendents in Iceborne! The PS Blog featured Monster Hunter, but what does that even mean? With the 2019 Holiday season approaching fast, SBJ & Micah talk about the future of ...

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