The Cold, Harsh Realities of the Jungle

05.21.2021 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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In this episode, I break down some of the most valuable and game changing realities that I have been exposed to over the past 6 months. By learning from my experience, you will be able to better relate to your own reality and make explosive growth in your life and career. Time Stamps: (00:00:00) We are BACK! (00:01:25) Introduction to today's episode. (00:05:45) Here are the reasons for my absence from the podcast. (00:20:48) Very important lessons that I've learned during this time. (00:51:17) How I intend to move forward from these realities. (01:01:34) A reality you can’t ignore. // Dealing with the pain. (01:17:14) At the end of the day, you still gotta GO. (01:18:20) Embracing failure the right way. (01:20:38) In conclusion…

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