The Coming Great Awakening & Revival with Tim Bence

09.17.2020 - By Discovering Truth with Dan Duval

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This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval, we’re welcoming our friend, Timothy Bence! In this show, Tim Bence will encourage believers with a revelation of what is going on spiritually. He will introduce the idea that there is a spiritual, global flood and not a pandemic… we’re exposing a false narrative!

The body of Christ has to come up to another level of awakening and have God release blessing over themselves. This is going to be a powerful and revelatory episode don’t miss it!

About Tim:

Tim is a mighty man of God and an international speaker. Daniel first met Tim Bence in January of 2013 and found incredible maturity in him. Tim is truly a man of God and one called to address deep things. He is a father in the faith.

Expect to hear Tim talk about:
An awakening to cast the religious spirit out of the churchesThe Blood of Jesus and how fallen angels want to corrupt itFake News makes society fall short of the God’s GloryA flood of glory from Heaven, is the body of Christ ready?March 11th and significant things announced at that timeThe Noah story and it’s relation to this time in historyThe remnant must come away to hide inHis presence before a revivalA revival needs to happen in the church, with the presence of GodThe wicked spell, spirit of Belial over countless peopleHow to ask the trees for help against the virusEvery wicked government is under indictment by God nowWuhan being one of the first Christianized cities in China
 And so many more truths…

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